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Recommended Beginner Courses

Deckhand Course 4 weeks

Super Yacht Interior Crew Training Course 3 weeks

It is our expert opinion that the completion of these courses will offer the candidate a far better chance of obtaining gainful employment in the industry at the earliest possible opportunity.

These courses include STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training , Elementary Seamanship, the MCA Yacht Rating Course, (Interior Crew Training for stewardesses/stewards) and Powerboat and RIB Master for the Deck Hand candidates.

The 3 week Interior Crew Training Course consists of the STCW safety course modules, the 5 day Stewardess/steward Course and a Basic Seamanship Course which will run over a period of 3 days covering topics such as:

  •  lookout duties
  • shipboard terms and definitions
  • common knots, bends and hitches
  • handling of mooring lines
  • basic collision regulations
  • basic sailing theory and practical  

Elementary Seamanship

This course provides the theory of basic sailing, introduction to navigation, the rules of the road, simple weather forecasting, customs and etiquette and the language of sailing.

The practical elements are sail handling, helming, general crew drills, points of sailing, anchoring and knots and rope work.

Small power boat (tender) and RIB

This course covers vessels up to 15m (45') with no accommodation driven by outboard or inboard motors in fair weather up to 20 nautical miles from a safe haven.

The course consists of one day of theory and one day of practical boat handling: 

  • Safety at sea
  • VHF radio operations
  • Small powerboats & rigid inflatable boats (RIB)
  • Launching & recovery
  • Anchors & anchoring
  • Nautical terminology
  • Boat handling under power
  • man overboard procedures
  • Ropes & rope-work
  • Basic rules of the road (collision regulations)
  • Glossary of terms
A certificate is issued on successful completion of a final written & practical examinations.

Interior Crew Professional Superyacht Hospitality

This course includes money management and budgeting, menu planning, laundry/cleaning of the vessel, preparation of vessel for charter, etiquette and public relations, mixology and wine appreciation, table setting and napkin folding, presentation of meals and garnishes and flower arranging.

Among the topics covered in this 5-day course are:

  • Overview of the Superyacht Industry 
  • Nautical terminology, Customs & Etiquette
  • Bar/Wine & Food Service
  • Interior Detailing
  • Laundry/cleaning of the vessel
  • Money Management & Budgeting
  • Menu Planning
  • Table Setting & Napkin Folding
  • Presentation of meals & garnishes
  • Special skills: Flower Arranging, Fruit baskets etc.

A certificate is issued on successful completion of a final written examination.

MCA Yacht Rating Course

This module forms part of the Deckhand course. The module runs over a 5 day period. It is the most basic of the MCA courses because it requires no qualifying experience. In broad terms the topics covered are:

  • Steering and helm orders
  • Keeping a proper lookout and lookout duties
  • Monitoring and controlling a safe watch
  • Shipboard terms and definitions
  • Life saving and fire fighting equipment
  • Importance of muster and drills
  • Common knots, bends and hitches
  • Handling of mooring lines
  • Care, use and storage of ropes and wires
  • Safe operation of mooring winches, windlass and capstan
  • The importance and safe operation of watertight doors, hatches and hull openings
  • The Code of Safe Working Practices
  • Engine watch keeping duties
  • Terms used in machinery space and the names of machinery and equipment
  • Pollution prevention

Price List
Product Name (Product Code)Price
3 WEEK - STEWARDESS (BEG-3W-ST-001)ZAR 12,250.00
4 WEEK - DECK HAND (BEG-4W-DH-002)ZAR 18,975.00
RIB (Stand Alone) (BEG-3D-RB-001)POA

Course Dates
Please select the Start Date when making Enquiries / Bookings
NameDatesYearCourse Venue
RIB (Stand Alone) (Cape Town)23 - 27 May2022Cape
 29 Jun - 01 Jul2022Cape
 27 - 29 Jul2022Cape
 24 - 26 Aug2022Cape
 28 - 30 Sep2022Cape
 26 - 28 Oct2022Cape
 23 - 25 Nov2022Cape
 21 - 23 Dec2022Cape
3 WEEK - STEWARDESS (Durban)12 - 30 Sep2022Durban
 10 - 28 Oct2022Durban
 07 - 25 Nov2022Durban
 05 -23 Dec2022Durban
4 WEEK - DECK HAND (Durban)31 Oct - 25 Nov2022Durban
 28 Nov - 23 Dec2022Durban
4 WEEK - DECK HAND (Cape Town)1-26 Aug2022Cape
 5-30 Sept2022Cape
 3-28 Oct2022Cape
 31 Oct - 25 Nov2022Cape
 28 Nov - 23 Dec2022Cape