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The world of superyachts in the Med or Caribbean is the perfect gap year or career for South Africans and awaits you - maybe. Mmmm, but are you suited to work as deck crew or as a stewardess? Do this short fun quiz and see - choose one answer for each statement/question and the quiz adds up your score for you.

General Questions

  • You can swim…
  • If I have to
    Further than most
    No I can't!
  • You started the laundry at 5am, and folded the last towel at 7am, just in time to start breakfast. The guest idly mops his brow and drops the clean towel on the deck. You think…
  • More money than manners
    I'll get him another fresh one – that's worth $100 more on the tips
    I won't keep my mouth shut, the idiot @#$%!
  • You polished all the brass yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Skipper says it needs polishing. You say…
  • Can you show me where it still needs polishing?
    No it doesn't, it'll wear out
    Yes Cap'n.
  • The guests have children, and they expect you to look after them. Unfortunately the kids have never heard of the word discipline. You…
  • Do emergency lifeboat fire evacuation drill with them every half hour
    Buy a book at the next port on child psychology and criminal behaviour
    Rediscover your delinquent childhood and turn your back while they draw on the walls knowing you'll have to clean it up
  • The guest from hell slips and twists her ankle. You…
  • Pour her a glass of her favourite after helping her to the lounger
    Disappear below deck before she notices you
    Apply a compress bandage just a little bit tighter than you learnt in training
  • You're standing night watch as you cruise across the Gulf of Mexico. Your buddy has just gone for a pee. A very large black shape is looming and it looks like an oil tanker headed your way. You…
  • Change course fast
    Drop anchor and wake everybody up in a panic
    Try and radio the oil tanker
  • A friend suggests a holiday in the outdoors. You think…
  • Let's go – I travel light.
    I'll need mosquito repellent, snake bite kit, emergency torch, first aid kit…
    I can't miss my favourite TV programme
  • You've been working 16 hours flat and your buddy asks you to lend a hand because he's battling. You..
  • Say sorry, I have a date
    Take over and tell him he owes you one
    Get stuck in, after all he is your buddy
  • You've been five weeks on board and the foreign crew member still finds the need to remind you about his country's World Cup victory. You…
  • Throw all his left socks overboard one night
    Playfully banter with him about his favourite sportsman's ancestry
    Get into a fight, costing you both your jobs
  • You get the chance to go to a country you've never heard of. You…
  • Jump at the opportunity without question
    Accept hesitatingly and do some research first
    Stay at home.
  • You believe that having a life at 20 means…
  • Running your empire
    What's “having a life mean?”
    Staying at home studying
  • Being worldly means…
  • Using all the pages in your passport by the time you're 21
    Surfing the internet
    Going away for the weekend.
  • Getting a start in life means…
  • Getting a degree
    Putting into practice what 'Rich dad, Poor dad' recommends while you're still 17
    Dad buys you a car
  • A career is…
  • What I create to fit in with my life goals
    Very different these days
    Something my Dad had
  • Life goals are…
  • Something I'll think about when I'm older
    Not really important
    So inspiring I've already worked out the next 10 years
  • Adventure means…
  • A weekend at home
    A weekend in the mountains
    A weekend in Paris or Tokyo
  • Exploring uncharted territory means…
  • I'm going to learn something about myself
    I'm lost
  • Being lost means…
  • Oh @#$%! not again!
    Having to ask directions
    Finding an amazing new pub
  • You've been up very late cleaning up after dinner. One of the guests wakes you in the middle of the night to make them a sandwich. You say…
  • @#$%!, I was asleep!
    Your usual, sir?
    The mayonnaise is on the top shelf in the galley.
  • Personal growth means…
  • Enjoying 3 weeks exploring a strange place with no cell phone
    Another six pack
    More steroids and time at the gym
  • Having money means…
  • That new bike/dress at last
    Creating a successful business that provides jobs for lots of people
    Being able to pay the phone bill
  • A guest acts indiscreetly one night. You…
  • Don't remember a thing.
    Interrupt the conversation the next day at lunch to ask him if he needs something for his bruises.
    Take photographs. Hey the guy's loaded, who knows…?
  • Foreign languages are…
  • A nuisance. Why doesn't everyone just speak English?
    Spoken by strange people wearing funny clothes
    The portal to a whole new culture.


Your score will tell you where you stand and what you should do to take it further. 

78% to 100%

Welcome aboard! You've got what it takes - you know how to charm your way out of (and probably into) anything. You've got vision so you know what you want out of life. And cruising the glamour spots of the world working on a seriously luxurious mega-yacht is a great way to get it because after a year will see you with a bank balance getting onto 6 figures! It won't be long before everyone will want to rub shoulders with you.

52% to 77%

Tricky, huh? OK so a bit of attitude is not a bad thing at the right time and place. We can work with that. It also looks like you're still having so much fun that you haven't thought further than the next party. Well here's your chance to spend a year having an awesome time while you mature (Ed. Is that possible?). (Doc. Sure - give them a break!) Yes it's hard work but with your energy and special sense of fun and adventure you should love it and find out what you want to do in life - which may be to spend the next few years cruising around the world making big bucks.

28% to 51%

Swak! Lots of work to do here and still touch and go if you scored in the low twenties. Maybe do a personality course and try again? Just kidding! Ok here's the deal about life in one sentence: when you work for someone you basically have to smile and do because 99% of the time there is no reason to do otherwise. I liked the bit of sense of humour though. Go on, smile, take a deep breath and try again. Maybe you just started the day bad.

0% to 27%

Wooow!! Have you seen someone about those feelings? Get a physical job to express all that anger… maybe a bricklayer or tattoo artist - but I won't be using you. Whatever you do don't go into the hospitality business on a mega-yacht. Besides, it's a long way to swim back to shore if you hate the company. Specially if you can't swim. Like the teacher says - you need to try harder!