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IYT MASTER of YACHTS 200t Unlimited

This Certificate of Competency allows the holder to be in charge of a commercial yacht up to 200 gross tons on unlimited voyages and is one of the requirements for the MCA Chief Mate (Yachts) qualification. The certificate is a qualification that indicates that the holder has sufficient knowledge of celestial navigation to navigate globally using a sextant. This includes the ability to plan, undertake and manage an ocean passage with a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved with regard to route planning and using weather and climate information.

Qualifying experience

Prior to taking the course candidates must have undertaken either two voyages of 250 nautical miles or one voyage of 500 nautical miles of which the majority must have been out of sight of land i.e. 20 nautical miles from a shoreline. It is required that a passage plan is produced for the qualifying voyage for subsequent review during the course. Although it is strongly preferred that the passage/s be carried out prior to the course being taken, this may be done after the course if there are extenuating circumstances. This will delay the issue of a Certificate of Competence.

Candidates must hold a valid IYT Master 200t Limited Certificate of Competency or an OOW (Yachts) Certificate of Competence but no prior knowledge of celestial navigation is required.


A six-day comprehensive course on celestial navigation is aimed at equipping the candidate with sufficient knowledge of celestial navigation, use of a sextant and air navigation tables as well as to plan, undertake and manage an ocean passage.

Apart from the qualifying experience the requirements for the issue of the certificate are threefold:

  1. Achieving a pass in a three-hour written examination on the sixth day of the course.
  2. The demonstration of practical sextant competencies including the taking of sun and other sights during the course, weather permitting.
  3. The submission of a formal plan for an ocean passage. In this respect candidates have two options.


During the course. Plan an imaginary ocean passage under examination conditions using materials supplied by the school. The passage planning exam is evaluated before the end of the course so that remedial action can be taken. This option is subject to severe time constraints but does allow for the fact that many vessels are not equipped for celestial navigation.


After the course. Plan, execute and manage an actual ocean passage (600-plus nautical miles out of sight of land) during which positions have been derived by celestial means. A formal submission must be sent to the school for evaluation within 12 months of course completion. This option is only possible for candidates who have access to the equipment etc. needed for celestial navigation.

Candidates can expect an extremely steep learning curve on this course but the satisfaction of having acquired the necessary skills is reward in itself.

Price List
Product Name (Product Code)Price
MASTER OF YACHTS 200T Unlimited (IYT-MOY200t-UNLTD-005)USD 1,450.00

Course Dates
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NameDatesYearCourse Venue
MASTER OF YACHTS 200T Unlimited (Durban)24 - 29 Jun2024Durban
 19 - 24 Aug2024Durban
 21 - 26 Oct2024Durban
 16 - 21 Dec2024Durban
MASTER OF YACHTS 200T Unlimited (Cape Town)01-06 JUL2024CAPE
 12 - 17 AUG2024CAPE
 23-28 SEP2024CAPE
 04-09 NOV2024CAPE
 09-14 DEC2024CAPE