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OOW 3000t

The OOW modules provide an introduction into the world of radar, ship construction and stability, all types of radio, leadership and advanced sea survival.

Required training for OOW (Yachts) less than 3000gt:

  • General Ship Knowledge (GSK)
  • Navigation and Radar including ARPA (N&R)
  • Advanced Sea Survival
  • Human Elements of Leadership and Management at Operational level (HELM)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS)
Ancillary courses/certificates required:
  • MCA approved Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
  • STCW Basic Safety Training
PYT offers the GSK, N&R, HELM and Advances Sea Survival as a package at both PYT Durban and PYT Cape venues. These modules run over a period of 5 weeks. Individual modules may be attended in order to suit individual time constraints.

GMDSS can be booked directly with SAMTRA in Simons Town or Unicorn Shipping in Durban.

It requires a lot of effort from you the candidate and when you are successful, a professional interview (MCA oral) will complete your OOW safari.

We will assist you in achieving these lofty goals through our lecturers experience, great learning facilities and a keen interest in your own personal achievements. WE are committed to helping you meet your expectations.

NOTE: All of the requirements for the issue of certificates of competence for the yachting code are contained in the MCA document MSN 1858 which is available on the MCA website. www.MCGA.gov.uk

A PYT course completion certificate is issued to all candidates after the successful completion of modules presented by ourselves.


  • 3 Years signed on a crew list.
  • IYT Master of Yachts Limited or RYA Yachtmaster Offshore. 
  • MCA Survival Module (Yachts).
  • GMDSS Certificate.
  • Navigation Radar and ARPA
  • General Ship Knowledge.
  • Human Elements Leadership and Management at operational level (HELM)
  • Efficient Deckhand Certificate (from July 2013).
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
  • Oral exam preparation recommended.
  • MCA Oral Examination.

In general a candidate should be able to start at any point of the cycle and attend the entire course.

Examinations apply to all modules for which certificates are issued. MCA certificates are issued to candidates who pass the GSK and Navigation and Radar modules and are valid for a period of 3 years. GSK and Navigation and Radar examinations are sourced and marked in the UK. The Navigation and Radar course requires the candidate to be certified competent in the use of the equipment. Please note, entry to the final exam is conditional upon  the achievement of a satisfactory standard in the internal assessment components.

Note: from January 2017, an EDH certificate must have been issued at least 18 months prior to the issue of your Certificate of Competency.

Price List
Product Name (Product Code)Price
OFFICER OF THE WATCH (OOW) (inclu. all Modules) (MCA-OOW-F-002)USD 6,050.00

Course Dates
Please select the Start Date when making Enquiries / Bookings
NameDatesYearCourse Venue
OFFICER OF THE WATCH (OOW) (inclu. all Modules) (Durban)30 Apr - 2 Jun2018Durban
 9 Jul - 11 Aug2018Durban
 10 Sep - 13 Oct2018Durban
 12 Nov - 15 Dec2018Durban
OFFICER OF THE WATCH (OOW) (inclu. all Modules) (Cape Town)29 Jan - 03 Mar2018Cape Town
 09 Apr - 11 May2018Cape Town
 04 Jun - 07 Jul2018Cape Town
 16 Jul - 18 Aug2018Cape Town
 03 Sept - 06 Oct2018Cape Town
 29 Oct - 01 Dec2018Cape Town
GENERAL SHIP KNOWLEDGE (GSK) (Durban)30 Apr - 4 May2018Durban
 9 - 13 Jul2018Durban
 1 - 5 Oct2018Durban
 12 - 16 Nov2018Durban
GENERAL SHIP KNOWLEDGE (GSK) (Cape Town)16 - 20 Apr2018Cape Town
 04 - 08 Jun2018Cape Town
 16 - 20 Jul2018Cape Town
 03 - 07 Sep2018Cape Town
 29 Oct - 02 Nov2018Cape Town
NAVIGATION & RADAR (Durban)7 - 25 May2017Durban
 16 Jul - 3 Aug2018Durban
 10 - 28 Sep2018Durban
 19 Nov - 7 Dec2018Durban
NAVIGATION & RADAR (Cape Town)23 Apr - 11 May2018Cape Town
 11 - 29 Jun2018Cape Town
 23 Jul - 10 Aug2018Cape Town
 10 - 28 Sep2018Cape Town
 05 -23 Nov2018Cape Town
ADVANCED SEA SURVIVAL (Durban)22 - 24 Mar2018Durban
 31 May - 2 Jun2018Durban
 9 - 11 Aug2018Durban
 11 - 13 Oct2018Durban
 13 - 15 Dec2018Durban
ADVANCED SEA SURVIVAL (Cape Town)01 - 03 Mar2018Cape Town
 12 - 14 Apr2018Cape Town
 05 - 07 Jul2018Cape Town
 16 - 18 Aug2018Cape Town
 04 - 06 Oct2018Cape Town
 29 Nov - 01 Dec2018Cape Town